Lecture I / Photo Workshop

After we got back from ZEGG, we had some lectures. I'd like to introduce some of them.


I. Photo Worksthop / 写真ワークショップ

d0014524_14561448.jpgWe had a photo workshop for one week. The teacher was a woman who works by a newspaper. The main theme was "Portrait". At first we learned a grounding about camera, and started to take photos.

Linnea by Hiko & Hiko by Linnea

It was not so interesting for me, because I knew everything already what the teacher explained. But some students were totally interested in taking photos. Many people take photos without notice what they need, I guess. Maybe it was a first time for these students.

But it was funny that I could be there as an assistant of the teacher. When we held a small exhibition of photos which they took, I setted up all of machines (projector & computer), operated the computer, and showed, how they can make the photo much better / how they can edit it. This job was really amusing.
でも一方、自分が先生のアシスタントとして動いてたのが面白かった。みんなで撮った写真の簡単な講評会をやった時には、プロジェクターとコンピュータの準備、操作は一手に引き受け、更に写真をどうやったらより良くできるのか、編集するとどうなるのかを、大画面で実際にやって見せたりしてました。(特に構図の取り方/カラーと白黒など) この仕事、結構おもしろかったです。
by Sterun-schnuppe | 2007-07-01 14:49 | Jugendseminar