About ZEGG / ZEGGについて

ZEGG is in Belzig, and the city Belzig lies 50 - 60 km south west from Berlin. It took 8 hours from Engen to Belzig by car. As Belzig was once in East Germany, the atmosphere of the city is also a bit different from cities in West Germany.


Maybe it'll be asked, "What is ZEGG?" ZEGG means "Zentral für Experimentalle GesellschaftsGeschtaltung / Central for experimental society structuring", and about 80 persons live there in ZEGG. It's also like a village, and they are trying how they can make the life of humanbeings much better.

たぶん「ZEGGって何だ?」という疑問が出ると思います。ZEGGとは "Zentral für Experimentalle GesellschaftsGeschtaltung / 実験的な社会共同体構築の本部" の略称です。ちなみに有限会社扱いらしいです。現在およそ80人ほどがZEGGの中で暮らしています。ちょうど村のようであり、その村の中で人間の社会/生活をいかによりよいものにしていけるかに挑戦しています。


ZEGG has two important aspects: Ecology & Pilitics. There is a spring in the ground of ZEGG, and all of water which they use comes from here. After they use it, they gather all water to purify, and use that water for the field again. Their water recycling system is now a model case of the city. Their heating system is also special, but I forgot the detail...

ZEGGの大きな特徴は2つ、環境保護と政治。ZEGG敷地内には井戸があり、使う水はすべてここから供給されています。また使ったあとはすべて再処理プラントに回収され、畑の水として再利用されています。(堆積物も肥料として活用) この廃水処理システムは市のモデル事業になっているんだとか。暖房設備も特別なものらしいんですが、こっちは詳細を忘れました…

They are also trying how people can live together. They are seeking for new politic / goverment system. They use often "Art" for community, and also invent a unique style meeting. The most interesting thing which a woman of ZEGG said is, "Frei von Angst / Free from anxiety". To see oneself closely and to share informations and feelings in the community is the way to be free from anxiety. I can't explain this in short, but this theme is really interesting. The talk with her was also really interesting.


This time we participated in "Pfingstfestival". This festival lasts for 4 days, and there are some concerts and also some workshops which visitors can take part in. This festival is not only for public relations from ZEGG, but also a meeting point of the people who are interested in economy, community life, and also arts.



Next time, about the festival.
by Sterun-schnuppe | 2007-06-05 14:54 | Jugendseminar